Wednesday 29 March 2023

2023 ENSIE meeting program

The 2023 ENSIE meeting-in-conjunction with the ESSWE conference will be held at Copenhagen University on June 25, starting at 13:00.  The 2023 ESSWE conference, at which there will be two ENSIE panels, will be at Malmö University, June 26-28, starting at 09:00. There are trains between Copenhagen and Malmö every 12 minutes, and the journey takes 42 minutes. Copenhagen Airport is the best airport for Malmö. Hotels are cheaper in Malmö than Copenhagen.

The panels at the 2023 ENSIE meeting-in-conjunction will be:

Reviving Muḥyiddīn: The contemporary uses of Ibn ʿArabī’s thought and the reinventions of Islam.
  • Hadi Fakhoury (Harvard Divinity School) "Ibn ʿArabī between 'East' and 'West': Tradition, orthodoxy, and the meaning of Islam."
  • Gregory Vandamme (Université catholique de Louvain), "Akbarian Anarchism: The influence of Ibn ʿArabī’s thought in the modern West and the limiting case of Ivan Aguéli."
  • Ricarda Stegmann (​​Université de Fribourg), "Re-spiritualizing the world: Ibn ʿArabī in the thought of Faouzi Skali."
  • Marcia Hermansen (Loyola University Chicago), "Healing with the Divine Names: Western Sufi practices derived from Ibn ʿArabī’s Emanationist Metaphysics."

Spiritism and Esotericism from Nahḍa Egypt to the USSR
  • Mariam Elashmawy (FU Berlin), “Seances, societies, and periodicals: Egyptian spiritism contextualized.”
  • Mattias Gori Olesen (Aarhus University), “Perennial bonds: Esotericism and Egyptian-Indian nationalist solidarity in the early 20th century.”
  • Oleg Yarosh (National Academy of Science of Ukraine), “Entangled Sufism in the Late-Soviet esoteric milieu.”

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The ENSIE panels at the 2023 ESSWE conference will be:

Practical Esotericism in Islam, Ancient and Modern, West and East, and In Between.
  • Liana Saif (University of Amsterdam), “The Astral Craft in the Arabic Pseudo-Aristotelian Hermetica.”
  • Lisa Alexandrin (University of Manitoba), “Sufi Graphology in the Manuscript Traditions of Sa‘d al-Dīn Ḥamūyeh and Sitt ‘Ajam bint al-Nāfis al-Baghdadiyya.”
  • Francesco Piraino (Ca' Foscari University, Venice), “Photography as a Spiritual Practice: The Metaphysical Art of Maïmouna Guerresi.”
  • Ricarda Stegmann (Université de Fribourg), “Transmitting the Untransmittable: Sufi Teaching Practices in Twentieth- and Twenty-first-Century Europe.”

Core Esoteric Practices of the Sufis
  • Simon Stjernholm (Copenhagen University), “Dhikr, the Body and the Senses.”
  • Makhabbad Maltabarova (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena), “Mevlevi Sufi Whirling Practice in the Works of Western Esoteric and Dance Teachers of the Early 20th Century.”
  • Michele Petrone (Università di Napoli "l'Orientale"), “The Multiple Lives of the Verse: Ethiopian Sufi Mawlid between Manuscripts and YouTube.”
  • Mark Sedgwick (Aarhus University), “Esoteric and Exoteric Practice: Sufi Approaches to the Sharia.”

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