Friday, 6 May 2022

New publication on the Pseudo-Aristotelian Hermetica

ENSIE member Liana Saif has just published "A Preliminary Study of the Pseudo-Aristotelian Hermetica: Texts, Context, and Doctrines" in Al-ʿUṣūr al-Wusṭā 29 (2021): 20-80, available 

The pseudo-Aristotelian Hermetica are an understudied yet influential group of texts surviving in Arabic that claim to record conversations between Aristotle and Alexander the Great. I propose a ninth-century dating for these texts on the basis of textual and contextual evidence. In them, Aristotle instructs Alexander on two major subjects to aid his royal pupil’s military career and personal life: the cosmos, the genesis of everything in it, and astral magic. This study provides a preliminary analysis of the texts’ manuscripts and content, discussing what makes them Aristotelian and Hermetic and highlighting the resonances of Zoroastrian astro-cosmogenic doctrines.

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Saturday, 5 March 2022


The three ENSIE panels for the ESSWE conference on “​Western Esotericism and Creativity: Art, Performance and Innovation” on 5-7 July 2022 are now confirmed and listed at Conference registration is open at See you in Cork!

Friday, 4 March 2022

Call for Papers: Sufi Teachings in the Postsecular West.

International Workshop at Aarhus University, 27-28 October 2022, organized by Ricarda Stegmann and Mark Sedgwick. 

Sufism attracts Muslims and non-Muslims throughout the West. This workshop is dedicated to the question of the teachings of Sufis in the 21st century in the West: What are the central contents of Sufi teachings in 21st century Europe and North America? To what extent are these conceptions an expression of global-historical entanglements? In how far do these Sufi teachings provide an answer to major individual and social questions of our time and to what extent are these responses products of and responses to the specific constellations of European and American contexts in the 21st century, which are often characterised as post-secular, neoliberal, etc.? 

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Thursday, 3 March 2022

Call for Papers: The Eranos Experience

A conference on “The Eranos Experience: Spirituality and the Arts from a Comparative Perspective” will be held in Venice on the 17th-18th-19th of November 2022. The conference is organised jointly by Fondazione Giorgio Cini and the Centre for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents (Amsterdam), in collaboration with the Chair for Literature and Cultural Studies at the ETH (Zurich). The event will take place over three days and will be complemented by three artistic events (two musical performances and one dance performance). See the full Call here.