Friday 11 November 2022

ENSIE Call for Papers for ESSWE9


is again organising panels for the biannual conference of ESSWE, which in 2023 will be in Malmø, Sweden from Monday 26 June to Wednesday 28 June. The theme of the conference is "Western Esotericism and Practice." Proposals are therefore invited for papers dealing with any aspect of Islam, esotericism, and practice. ​Practice includes, but is not limited to, ritual, initiation, textual practices, preparation and consumption of food and beverages, amulets, and techniques for generating exceptional states of consciousness. ENSIE will then assemble proposals for papers into proposals for sessions, and forward these to ESSWE. Each session will have four papers. 


ENSIE will also be holding an additional ENSIE workshop with round-tables purely for ENSIE members in conjunction with the ESSWE conference, on Sunday 25 June, in Malmø.  


Proposals for ESSWE panels and/or the ENSIE workshop should be submitted by 9 December 2022 to It is possible to participate in both events, but only one paper may be submitted. Please include name, title, and institutional affiliation, and then 3-5 keywords and, for paper proposals, a title and an abstract of no more than 300 words. 


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