Thursday 14 January 2021

ENSIE 3 (2021/22)

Following our successful 2020 conference on "Islamic Esotericism in Global Contexts" (ENSIE 2), our next conference (ENSIE 3) will be on "The Social History of Islamic Esotericism." We understand "social" to include both the economic and the political, and everyday life. A formal Call will be issued later, but as usual we will also accept papers of relevance to the study of Islam and esotericism that do not directly address the conference topic.

We are still hoping that the 2021 ESSWE meeting, scheduled for 5-7 July in Cork, will happen according to plan, including the ENSIE panels that have been submitted. In that case, ENSIE 3 will be in 2022. If, however, Covid-19 means that the 2021 ESSWE meeting is delayed until 2022, we may well hold ENSIE 3 online in 2021 instead.