Thursday 16 May 2019


The ESSWE 7 program, including our three panels, is now online here.

ENSIE meeting
The last item on the ESSWE 7 program, at 18.15​ on the Thursday, is "Students’ Round Table and ESSWE Network Meetings​." It is proposed that the ENSIE planning meeting held in that slot, and that those who are interested then go out to eat. But if many people will not be able to make it, the meeting might have to be moved to another time, so could anyone who will NOT be able to make 18.15​ on the Thursday (but will be at ESSWE otherwise) please email Mark Sedgwick at

Communications issue
An email with much the same text as this blog post was sent out on May 13 to the ENSIE Google group, but in some cases was caught by spam filters. This may indicate a problem in the way ENSIE communicates that will need to be addressed. Anyone who is a member of ENSIE and gets this blog post but did NOT get the Google group is therefore asked to email Mark Sedgwick at and let him know.