Monday 5 June 2017


ENSIE sponsored two panels at ESSWE6 in Erfurt:

Deviance and Orthodoxy in Islamic Esotericism 

  • Liana Saif: "Bātinism as Deviance in Medieval Islam&nbsp"
  • Mark Sedgwick: "Sufism as Deviance and Orthodoxy in Early Modern Islam"
  • Francesco Piraino: "Negotiating Orthodoxy and Deviance among Sufi Orders in Milan"
  • Michael Asbury: "Orthodox Islam and New Age Spirituality: Adaptive Strategies of Naqshbandi Sufism in the West"

Contemporary Turkish Esotericism: Neither Deviant nor Secret(ive)? 

  • Alexandre Toumarkine: "The Construction of Deviance in Contemporary Turkish Esotericism and Its Transformations" (read in absentia)
  • Till Luge: "Mainstream but Deviant? On the Relationship between Esotericism and Otherness in Modern Turkey"
  • Dilek Sarmış: "Esoteric Secrecy? Esotericism as the Yet to Be Revealed, Discovered, or Decoded"
  • Laurent Mignon: "An Exotericized Esotericism? On the Reception of Dion Fortune in Turkey"